Lose Weight While You Wait.

Introducing Diet Dinnerware, the revolutionary weight loss product and diet plan that helps you change your eating habits and lose weight naturally and safely without any drugs. Recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians, the new electronic diet fork, diet spoon and diet table model will help you pace your eating and control your weight.  Whether you just want to lose weight or you are suffering from obesity and need to lose weight, Diet Dinnerware is the best weightloss diet that’s out there. Best of all, it’s affordable at only $24.95 plus shipping. Here’s how it works:

All too often we eat too fast and don’t give our bodies a chance to digest our food, so we overeat and gain weight. Now Diet Dinnerware uses simple behavior modification for those of us who cannot put our fork or spoon down. These high tech utensils have a flashing light-red light- green light. For 25 seconds the light will flash red. Time to put your fork down. Rest. Talk. Socialize at the dinner table. Then the green light goes on for 40 seconds. Eat slowly, take time to chew. You have the time. With Diet Dinnerware your meal will be more fun. No more speed eating. Best of all, when you dine out at your favorite restaurant, use the convenient and discreet Diet Dinnerware table model and no one will know you’re using the Diet Dinnerware slow eating system.

If you are undergoing any bariatric weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass surgery or laparoscopic band surgery(also known as “lap band” surgery) there is a strict post bariatric surgery diet you must follow.  Slow eating and portion control are important parts of eating after bariatric surgery.  Our portion control dinnerware will help you eat less and enjoy the benefits of eating slowly to lose weight healthy, within the guidelines of your diet after bariatric surgery.

Be sure to check out our News section for articles by nutrition experts and dieticians with diet tips for eating slowly and studies showing eating slowly is healthy.  Also you will find there articles about healthy diet plans and weight loss tips in general.   Hopefully this will inspire you to change your eating habits today and lose weight the My Diet Dinnerware way.